Cat Boarding ​​

  • ​Your cat will be comfortable in a 300 sq. ft room with beds, toys litter boxes and food/water
  • We only take care of one cat at a time (from separate households), so the availability is limited

New clients will receive a complimentary meet and greet before any services. We charge 7% NY sales tax to every final bill. 


$80 per Night 

Equine, Exotic Pet Care and More

  • We have experience with equine care, as well as, care for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, chinchilla, axolotl, etc.
  • Our Equine services include grain/hay feed, water refill, cleaning stalls, brushing, medicine administration etc. 
  • Our Exotic Pet services range from each animal's needs
  • Pricing for this care is the same as pet sitting visits 


1 Dog = $55 per Night

2nd Dog = $30 per Night

​​Kennel Free Dog Boarding ​​

  • ​Your dog can enjoy a large fenced in backyard on a quiet 3 acres and interact with up to 4 other dogs
  • Your dog will have free reign of my home to relax and play with other pups
  • We have crates for puppies or dogs that like to sleep in them. 
  • You are welcome to bring any dog beds, toys or treats that will make your dog more comfortable

**Your dog must be house trained and friendly with other dogs/people**

Does your pet need more or less than our listed services? Contact us directly and we may be able to customize a daily rate for a personalized schedule! 


15 minutes = $16

30 minutes = $21 

45 minutes = $26

​60 minutes = $31 

Our Care Options 

Blissful Pet Care, LLC


Overnight Care in your Home

  • This is a great option for those who want an extra level of comfort knowing your house and pets are cared for
  • Overnight care includes visits throughout the day as well as spending the night at your home 
  • This includes the same options as pet sitting, such as, ​walking, feeding, medication administration, mail/newspaper pickup, watering plants, etc.


1 Cat = $32 per Night 

2nd Cat = $16 per Night 

Dog Walking and  Pet Sitting
  • ​A visit can range from 15 - 60 minutes and we can visit 1 - 4 times a day depending on availability

  • These visits can include walking, feeding, medication administration, mail/newspaper pickup, watering plants, etc​

  • Dog walking is generally scheduled on a weekly basis and pet sitting is scheduled per the client's travel plans